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Sicilian Tris - Pomodori, Capers, Sea Salt

Sicilian Tris is composed with 3 products: Pomodori (small jar 330ml), Capers (big jar 1062ml) and Spicy oregano Sea Salt (big jar 1062ml)

About Capers from Sicily

are amongst the finest in the world, bursting with fragrance and flavour and extensively used in the Mediterranean Diet.

Capers are grown in southern Italy, but best quality are on the island of Pantelleria off the Sicilian coast. It's a perpetually windy island, where the olive trees are pruned to a squat form to survive heavy gusts, and the perfect place for caper plants, which grow close to the ground.

Ingredients: capers and sea salt

About Capers from Sicily

Crunchy, highly salty crystals of pure salt, collected using ancient methods and artisanal instruments in Trapani, in a historic salt evaporation pond that had been used during the Phoenician times, flavoured with Sicilian fragrant Oregano. 

Ingredients: Sicilian Sea salt, Chili Flakes, Oregano. (1062ml)

About Pomodori (Tomatoes) from Sicily

Sicilian tomatoes are an explosion of freshness in your mouth: sweet and savoury at the same time – containing all the flavours of the land where it is cultivated.

Especially in the countryside of Pachino and in the most southern corners of Sicily, such as IspicaNoto and Porto Palo di Capopassero, this tomato is at its best: ciliegino, costolutodatterino, cherry, ribbed, plum, round, oval, smooth or cluster – it becomes the un doubt protagonist of ysauces, salads, tasty and fragrant dishes.

Ingredients: semi-dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil