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Ready to drink Sicilian NQ Bar &Bistro's Signature Cocktails by bottle

They are made on order by our amazing bartender, done fresh before shipping.
  1. MAFIOSO : Cognac, pear liqueur, peach schnapps, honey syrup, salt
  2. SICILIAN LIFE: Gin, Cointreu, Aperol, sugar syrup,  lemon juice, orange bitter, salt
  3. SICILIAN MARGARITA:Tequila, Cointreu, Campari,  lemon and orange juice,sugar syrup, agostura bitter, salt
  4. NEGRONI: Gin,Campari, Red Vermout, orange bitter

Plus our famous homemade Limoncello. Pistachio Liqueur and Grappa dell'Etna

Be aware we do not serve guests with any of kind allergies (mild or severe) or any kind of intollerance