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Sicilian NQ - Typical Sicilian Products, Wine and Cocktails
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Ready to drink Sicilian NQ Bar &Bistro's Signature Cocktails by bottle

They are made on order by our amazing bartender, done fresh before shipping.
  1. MAFIOSO : Cognac, pear liqueur, peach schnapps, honey syrup, salt
  2. SICILIAN LIFE: Gin, Cointreu, Aperol, sugar syrup,  lemon juice, orange bitter, salt
  3. SICILIAN MARGARITA:Tequila, Cointreu, Campari,  lemon and orange juice,sugar syrup, agostura bitter, salt
  4. NEGRONI: Gin,Campari, Red Vermout, orange bitter

Plus our famous homemade Limoncello and Grappa dell'Etna