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Sicilian NQ - Typical Sicilian Products, Wine and Cocktails

Crema con Pistacchi Siciliani (v)

There are treasures in Sicily that deserve to be uncovered and savored slowly, Sicilian Pistachio from Bronte is one of it, also called the emerald of Sicily!

The pistachio is a fruit with a very ancient history. It was already known by Babylonians, Assyrians, Jordanians, Greeks. The pistachio tree, twisted, characterised by a reddish bark, which becomes grey when the plant is grown, is widespread in the Middle East, Iran, California, and China, but the one which produces the finest fruits in the world is at Bronte, a village on the slopes of Mount Etna.

Our Artisan laboratory is in Paterno' just 30km away from Bronte.

The fruit of the 'Pistacchio verde di Bronte' is sweet, delicate, aromatic, characterised by an intense green colour.

Bronte is known for its green gold which is also the story of a mythological distillate, of love, treachery, cowardice. From Cyclops to the Emperor of Constantinople, from the Borgia Pope to Admiral Nelson: all related to Bronte.

It is a symbol of a land which withstands the volcano and takes advantage of its fertility. Unlike the products of American or Asian origin, which are mostly yellow-green, the Pistacchio di Bronte is characterised by an intense bright green colour, with very marked aroma and flavour.

Homemade Spreadable Sweet cream done with the best quality of Sicilian Pistachio  (200gr) perfect to fill cannoli, cakes, pies and croutons.

If you visited our restaurant in Manchester City Center (NQ) you are probably aware of the excellent quality of our pistachios that we use several sweets and desserts