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Capers from Pantelleria Pate' - Big Jar

Delicious Sicilian capers Pate' spread.

Capers from Sicily are amongst the finest in the world, bursting with fragrance and flavour and extensively used in the Mediterranean Diet.

Capers are grown in southern Italy, but best quality are on the island of Pantelleria off the Sicilian coast. It's a perpetually windy island, where the olive trees are pruned to a squat form to survive heavy gusts, and the perfect place for caper plants, which grow close to the ground.

Ingredients: Cappers from Pantelleria and extra virgin olive oil(1062ml)

Sicilian capers never go unnoticed.

If you have been in our restaurant we use this cappers  pate' in our ravioli done with swordfish, tomato sauce, cappers and black olives  or in our sunshine bruschetta, Salad and other dished