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Pasta di Pistacchio di Sicilia (Vegetarian and Halal)

Pasta di Pistacchio di Sicilia is a delicious variant of Catania (precisely of Bronte, in the Etna area) of traditional Paste di Mandorle di Sicilia. They are one of the most loved sweets of Sicilian pastry.

Bronte is famous for being a growing area of Bronte dop's famous green pistachio. Here, Obviously, Paste di Pistacchio di Sicilia are prepared with the addition of pistachio to the almond base. 

Compact, but soft, sweet and with an intense flavour and aroma of pistachio.

You can buy as single or in bag of 4.

We have also a mixed box of 9 in which you will find both paste di mandorla and paste di pistachio