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Sicilian NQ - Typical Sicilian Products, Wine and Cocktails

Sugo Schiticchio

If you are Sicilian, or even if you have been on holiday in Sicily at least once, then you have surely heard of schitìcchio or the custom of having always something to eat. 

Sicilians know very well what it is, while for foreigners it might be a bit more difficult to answer a question "What is there to schiticchiare?"

Schiticchio is, needless to say, something you eat. Between Sicilians and good food is true love. The term was already used in the seventeenth century and its etymology is still uncertain. It is thought that it may derive from the verb schiticchiare, which is a Sicilian equivalent of the Italian spiluccare. For a long time he indicated a moment of idleness, then moving on to define a type of meal eaten outdoors in good company.

From here, over the centuries, the original meaning has evolved, up to the present day. Schiticchio has become a regional synonym of street food, as it continues to indicate even the more generic act of nibbling at something, perhaps to open up the appetite a little (as if the Sicilians needed it, to open the appetite!).

Ready Sugo for pasta, pizza or alone as a side dish.

Ingredients: Italian tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, TUNA in oil, capers, black olives, basil, Chili pepper. (280gr)