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Sicilian NQ - Typical Sicilian Products, Wine and Cocktails

Dry Tomatos (vegan)

Sicilian dry tomatoes are an explosion of freshness in your mouth: sweet pulp and savory at the same time – containing all the flavors of the land where it is cultivated.

Especially in the countryside of Pachino and in the most southern corners of Sicily, such as IspicaNoto and Porto Palo di Capopassero, this tomato is at its best: ciliegino, costolutodatterino, cherry, ribbed, plum, round, oval, smooth or cluster – it becomes the un doubt protagonist of ysauces, salads, tasty and fragrant dishes.

Ingredients: dried tomatoes, Extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, Sicilian oregano, basil, Garlic, Chilli, traces of Vinegar. (180gr)

Usage: Antipasto, side, on  pasta, pizza, bread, salads.