Avola Almonds have centuries-old origin and their cultivation, along with vineyards and lemon gardens, characterize the whole area.

In early February, almond trees in bloom are an unmissable, stunning sight!

Almond cultivation in Avola
In the first half of the twentieth century, almond cultivation was the prominent economic activity in Avola. Today the most cultivated variety is Pizzuta, an excellent product with incomparable organoleptic qualities, that is appreciated all over the world.

The most tangible evidence of the importance of almond growing in the economic history of Avola, is the presence in the area of countless, qualified companies working in the field of processing, transformation and marketing of this Sicilian product which, thanks to its unique peculiarities, has conquered the national and international market.

Traditional sweets.
The use of Avola Almond for desserts making, therefore, has deep and led widespread roots. Everywhere in Sicily this exquisite fruit is the fundamental basis of many typical recipes such as marzipanmartorana fruitnougatcubbaitacassataalmond biscuitsalmond milkgranitaalmond pudding, also called biancomangiare.