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Sicilian NQ - Typical Sicilian Products, Wine and Cocktails

Cipolla Innamorata (vegan)

For those who already know Sicilian legendary "cipuddata" (in Sicilian dialect) or "cipollata" (in italian), they know well how a myriad of very good dishes are born from such a simple recipe with a very particular flavor.

Onions in agrodolce 
Ingredients: Red onion from Tropea, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, sugar, whole sea salt (180 gr). 

What's agrodolce means? This term refers to all those techniques and / or condiments that combine acid and sweet ingredients. Combining sugars and elements with high acidity. 

Sicilian bittersweet is generally composed of a mixture of white wine vinegar and cane sugar. In addition to being a condiment, sweet and sour has a function of preserving food.

Sweet and sour onions can be enjoyed as a side dish or to garnish white meats, red meats, fish and vegetables. To give some examples, they could not be missing

  1. il tonno con cipollata in agrodolce,
  2. le sarde con cipollata in agrodolce,
  3. la zucca in agrodolce
  4. or a side dishes in his own