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Sicilian NQ - Typical Sicilian Products, Wine and Cocktails
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Sicilian Artist Gallery

The artist, Patty Andre', was born and grew up in Sicily, Catania, 46 years ago. She lives on the slopes of Etna volcano. she loves swimming and his inseparable dogs. She has been painting for passion all her life. One of the most recurring team of her work is natura and animals, like the famous colourful bird collections.

"Steal all the colours of the world and paint the canvas of your life eliminating the grey of fears and anxieties, abandon your old mental habits and embrace the joy "

Another famous collection is Aghata. The artist was inspired by Sant'Agata, virgin and martyr saint of Catania. Agata was one of the most revered martyrs of Christian antiquity, she was put to death during the persecution of Decius, for never having betrayed the profession of her Christian faith. 

At Sicilian NQ, 14 Turner Street M4 1DZ Manchester there is a permanent gallery with some of her painting if you like to see them in presence.